Angle 5-brushes Broom (Aomori-hiba handle with Hemp-palm Broom)


A well-made hand broom, comfortable to use.
A long handle to ease the force exerted on your waist.
Full-length of KANEICHI’s Hemp palm 5-brushes Broom, is typically at 700~750mm. However, Niguramu’s original Angle 5-brushes broom has a full-length of 900mm, which allows you to keep any posture you are comfortable with while using. By adjusting the position of your grip, it also does not matter how tall you are.

The Niguramu Original Hemp-Palm Broom uses Aomori-hiba for its handle, oiled cow leather on its cord, and the brushes are made individually by the craftsmen from the KANEICHI shop in Kishu-Wakayama. Profoundly different from the typical black bamboo handles, Aomori-hiba handles work well with modern interior designs and don’t stand out too much. Indeed, the Japanese hemp-palm fibers tied together with copper wire are a nice accent that seem high-class. The handle is long enough so that you won’t bend over to sweep.
There are many botanical oils on the hemp-palm brush so the broom is protected to last a long time and stay in good condition. Also, if you continue to use the hemp-palm brush then the oils within it will bring out a natural “polish effect” on your hardwood floors and tatami mats.


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Size 900"L× 130"W mm (*Head width: 200"W mm)
Weight: 350g
Materials Hemp palm (bristles), Aomori hiba (handle), copper (rolled wire), iron (tack)

Important points

  • When you first use this there will be some light powder from the hemp-palm so use after you have dusted it with your hand. If possible, only use on hardwood flooring first and then begin to use on tatami mats once the powder is all out.
  • The bristles will curl if left standing on the floor so please hang it out of the way on a wall instead.
  • Hemp-palm is good against water so only wash the bristle ends if they gets dirty. Also, if the bristles do curl then soak them in lukewarm water for a little while and then comb your fingers through to put them back in place, remove any moisture, and hang vertically. Mold may grow if there is any water left. *Please note that you will not get it dry if you wet the entire bunch of bristles.
  • The size for the reported items may be several centimeters different.
  • The grain of the Wood handle varies by brush. Some do have nicks on them.

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    Angle 5-brushes Broom

    The whole length is 900mm. Its long handle means you can sweep with both hands. The chic and simple gradation going from Aomori-hiba to hemp-palm to copper wire is also very nice.
    The hemp-palm, Aomori-hiba, and cow-hide cord really begin to take on a special charm as they're used more. So be sure to also enjoy caring for this broom.

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    Size comparison( the woman in the picture has a height of 155cm)

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    Brush part

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    The end of the handle.
    The cord uses oiled cow-hide. The Aomori-hiba handle is solid wood (not painted).


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