Zelkova Long-Life Bowl


The Long-Life bowl is made from lacquered domestic zelkova without an undercoating.
The bowl is made in this manner considering that undercoats would wear off with use. As a lacquer ware with visible grain, you can enjoy it both as a lacquered bowl and as a wooden bowl.

Lacquered bowls are often misunderstood to be difficult to maintain, but they are certainly not. Other than taking care to use something gentle when washing and wiping it, it may be handled the same way as other tableware. After washing oil stains vigorously with a sponge, it leaves a special feeling for satisfaction. There is no need to hold back enjoying it just because it is lacquer ware. With daily use and getting accustomed to the texture, it will sure turn into a beloved personal bowl.

Zelkova Long-Life Bowl, LL / Urushi Red

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Zelkova Long-Life Bowl, L / Urushi Red

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Zelkova Long-Life Bowl, M / Urushi Red

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Zelkova Long-Life Bowl, LL / Urushi Black

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Zelkova Long-Life Bowl, L / Urushi Black

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Zelkova Long-Life Bowl, M / Urushi Black

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Size / M 115"diam × 73"H mm
Weight: 140 g
Capacity: 330 mL
Size / L 130"diam × 88"H mm
Weight: 195 g
Capacity: 480 mL
Size / LL 145"diam × 105"H mm
Weight: 300 g
Capacity: 700 mL
Materials Zelkova
Surface finishing Japanese Lacquer (Urushi)
  • The Long-Life Bowl Comes in 3 Sizes The Long-Life Bowl Comes in 3 Sizes
  • Inside and back of the bowl. A unique grain emerges from its undercoat, black in the vermilion of the final coat, and vermilion in the black of the coat above,
  • Zelkova Long-Life Bowl Stacking the 3 sizes
  • Zelkova Long-Life Bowl, M M size is the standard size for bowls. It is an approachable item for beginners to lacquer ware.
  • LL size is taller. LL size is taller.
    Use it for formal year-end and New Year events and everyday use for udon, donburi, and instant noodles etc.

Stacking the 3 sizes

Important points

  • This is a wood product. Avoid the use of metal cutleries.
  • Each product differs in size and shape as they are handmade.
  • The items are made of natural wood and each of them has different textures and patterns. They may have distinct wood grains, black spots, black lines, small holes, rough texture, small stains, and scratches. Please understand they are due to the nature of natural wood material. We cannot exchange items because of the color and texture of the wood.
  • Do not expose it direct sunlight or strong light for a long time. This will cause distortion and discoloring.
  • Not intended for use in the microwave, dishwashing machine, or dish drying machine. This might cause warpage or breakage and make the Masujyu unusable.
  • Use neutral detergent with a sponge or a cloth when washing. Do not use a scrubber, a metal scrubber, or cleanser. Do not soak in the water for a long time. Pat dry with a soft cloth after washing.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time 1~3 months if not in-stock.
Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan),
Express home delivery
Gifting Options (Only within Japan) Gift-Wrapping,
Small message card,
Noshi (Japanese gift wrapping ribbon paper)


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