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Overseas shipping Information

It is also possible to inquire about the shipping fee in advance.
Please consider the international shipping fee provided by our system to be a rough estimate.
*If the amount paid by credit card or any other payments exceeds the exact international shipping fee, then you will be reimbursed the difference. Also, we will tell our customers about the gross weight. 😊
After receiving your order we will measure the weight of the parcel and then notify you of the exact international shipping fee. And we will ship your item when we have received confirmation email from you.
*If you are paying by any payments and the order is canceled prior to being dispatched, we will provide you with a full reimbursement.

(Examples of overseas shipping charges for niguramu)

JAPAN POST / EMS Rate schedule
JAPAN POST EMS / Service availability by country.
International shipping by EMS is not available in countries where shipping is temporarily suspended due to customs clearance or other reasons. Please check the Japan Post website for countries where EMS service is available.
For countries where EMS services are not available, it is possible to get a quote for shipping by DHL, but it is a bit expensive. If you are interested, please contact us. Alternatively, we will email you after your order with the exact international shipping fee and an additional invoice for the missing shipping fee.

For example:
Overseas transfer agency

In the case of using overseas transfer agency, the packaging will be for japan domestic delivery because of the relation of delivery size and fee.
If you need secure packaging, please ask the transfer agency for repackaging.