About gift service

3-1 : Gift wrapping
3-2 : Small message card
3-3 : Noshi(Japanese gift wrapping ribbon paper)
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3-1 : Gift wrapping

3-1-1 : Type of wrapping paper

  • Dark blue streaked plain paper (no ribbon) / Default
  • Machine glazed white paper
  • Machine glazed kraft paper

3-1-2 : About gift wrapping correspondence

  1. Items which cannot be wrapped will be shown in each items’ page.
  2. Gift wrappings are for free.
  3. In case you want a gift wrapping but no wrapping papers are specified, we will use ‘Dark blue streaked plain paper / Default’ .
  4. Some items might be wrapped simply due to its shape, or will be in multiple packages due to the mix of the items, or cannot be wrapped.
    – Will wrap only a part of the item. (Calendars, etc)
    – Paper bags (Other simple wrappings)
  5. In case you want to order many items at once such as bridal gifts, the delivery date will change due to the items and its quantities. Please contact in advance to make sure. Several days would be required for warehousing and packaging as well, so please order 1-2 months in advance.
    There are items we can provide even if there are only few days left. Please feel free to contact us.


3-2 : Small message card

  1. Items that cannot include Small message cards are indicated in the item detail page.
  2. Small message cards are for free. (size : 91×55 mm)
  3. Please give us your message which we will print it out when you order.100 characters maximum. We will insert a line break at an appropriate part depending on the card size.
    * There is a column inside the shopping cart to write your message.


3-3 : Noshi(Japanese gift wrapping ribbon paper)

3-3-1 : About Noshi

  1. Noshi is for free.
  2. Please specify the Noshi type you want.
  3. In case you wish for a Noshi, please specify if you want an inner Noshi (inside the wrapping paper) or an outer Noshi (outside the wrapping paper).
  4. Please inform us whether you wish for a cover address and name.
    We can handle joint signatures and “Furigana” too.

3-3-2 : Types of Noshi

Red and white butterfly knot

Red and white butterfly knot
  • Oiwai (For birth, entering school, employment)
  • Uchiiwai (For return gifts to celebration)
  • Orei (For saying thanks)
  • Ochugen, Ochugen, Onenga (For seasonal greetings and gifts)

Red and white knot cut

Red and white knot cut
  • Kotobuki, Gokekkon Iwai, Oiwai (For happy events related to marriage)
  • Uchiiwai (For return gifts regarding marriage related events)
  • Omimai (For visits to express sympathies)
  • Kaiki Iwai (For return gifts to Omimai)

Yellow and white knot cut

Yellow and white knot cut
  • Kokorozashi (Message of condolence in general / Return for all types of religions)
  • Shinobigusa (For return gifts to message of condolence in Shinto / For return gifts to message of condolence in Christian)

Hotoke (Black and white) knot cut

Hotoke (Black and white) knot cut
  • Kokorozashi (For return gifts to Buddhist services and memorial events)
  • Orei (For return gifts to Buddhist services)
  • Okouden (For obituary gifts)
  • Sokuyou (For gifts at Buddhist services and memorial events)

* The design of the lotus might change.