Two sides Flat Grater (for daikon, seasonings)

Our business was originally started by Toraichi and Kinjiro Ooya at their copper urn store “Dotora” in the Asakusa district of Tokyo in 1928, and the moniker was later changed to “Ooya Seisakusho” which remains our name today.
Since the Edo era, the art of making copper graters has been passed down through generations, which are crafted by hammering out hard copperplates and raising grating edges, one edge at a time. Those edges are hence so sharp,wide, large, and very irregularly placed. When daikon (white radish), wasabi (horseradish), ginger, etc. are processed with our graters, the sharp edges do not damage their fibers. Furthermore, as the irregular edges can find new surfaces through every stroke, the end results are non-watery, tender, smooth and delicious condiments.

Ooya seisakusho