Dustpan HARIMI, with leather strap


Convenient, hangable Harimi.

Harimi with leather strap inserted through the eyelet hole, allows it to be hanged for convenient storage. Harimi is modeled after a dustpan, with attractive, profound texture from the Japanese paper coated in persimmon juice. It has excellent performance with its paper material that prevents static electricity build-up, allowing you to easily dump the garbage and dust.

Those with irregular activity period or those living in apartments/condominiums can use this without worrying about the sound, making it rise in popularity paired together with a broom. With its charming looks that makes you want to put it on display, even troublesome cleaning will become enjoyable.

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Size/Small 210"W (broad part) × 210"D × 70"H mm
Weight: 35g
Size/Large 310"W (broad part) × 280"D × 95"H mm
Weight: 70g
Materials Japanese paper and bamboo (body), Aluminum (eyelet), Leather (string)
Surface finishing Persimmon tannin
  • Small

  • Large

  • Leather strap in the open eyelet hole.

  • Dustpan HARIMI

    Unique individual difference from the persimmon juice coating and the looks of the brush marks.

  • For storage, you can hang it directly, or you can hang it on the broom's handle as shown in the picture with its convenient strap.

How to use harimi.
When sweeping garbage and dust into the harimi, please push gently from above using your thumb. Doing that will make the curved opening flatten nicely to the floor, allowing you to sweep in garbage and dust without stress.

Fixing wavy opening
If the harimi’s opening becomes wavy or it floats above making it difficult to sweep garbage and dust in, hold both sides of the harimi’s opening with both hands, then gently and slowly bend to the center to apply a loose curve on the whole body. If it is not fixed after that, hold the section that floats between your thumb and index finger to adjust the roundness.
In the case that it slightly lost its shape during delivery or after usage, perform the procedures above to repair it by yourself.
This product may break if sudden strong force is applied on it, so please attempt this slowly while considering its condition.

Repair and mending
In the case that the surface becomes fluffy or holes appear on it after being in use for a long time, you can repair it by pasting scraps of old magazines of newspaper. Repeating the repair process will allow you to use this product for a long time. While the appearance may degrade, it will retain its excellent capability of collecting garbage and allowing you to dump it without stress.
If the hanging leather strap is damaged, you can replace it with any strap of ribbon of your preference.

Important points

  • Persimmon juice coating may exhibit different coloring and looks from product to product. Depending on the persimmon juice's quality, speckles and stains may appear on the harimi's surface. This is due to it being coated by hand and is not a defect.
  • With the persimmon juice coating, it can handle some wetness as long as it is wiped immediately. However, since it is made of paper, please only use it indoors.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time 1~8 weeks if not in-stock.
Delivery Type International delivery (outside Japan),
Express home delivery
Gifting Options (Only in Japan) Greeting Card


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