Masujyu is a stackable lunch box inspired by the design of a traditional 900 mL measuring cup. The 3 different sizes come with marks along the sides that make for easy staking. The thinnest box, Masujyu 25, can be used a lid or small plate. Masujyu 45 and Masujyu 60, the deeper boxes, are versatile and can be used separately or stacked on top of each other to hold rice or other dishes. In addition, the wood is free of dyes and lacquer, so you can also enjoy the natural scent of cypress.
Rice will not harden inside the box, as the wood retains water and keeps the inside moist, which will also keep the wood from being stained by oil or other substances.


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Manuf,Brands: YAMASAKI DESIGN WORKSDesigner,Creator: YAMASAKI HiroshiY Categories:


Size / 25 140"W × 140"D × 25"H (13"deep) mm
Weight: 120g
Size / 45 140"W × 140"D × 45"H (33"deep) mm
Weight: 160g
Size / 60 140"W × 140"D × 60"H (48"deep) mm
Weight: 210g
Size / L 25 172"W × 172"D × 25"H (13"deep) mm
Weight: 190g
Size / L 45 172"W × 172"D × 45"H (33"deep) mm
Weight: 250g
Size / L 60 172"W × 172"D × 60"H (48"deep) mm
Weight: 300g
Others All types of Side plate thickness: About 11"T mm
Materials Japanese cypress
Surface finishing Non coating
  • We have three sizes available.
    Masujyu 25: To use as a lid on a stackable or regular lunchbox. As it is only 14mm deep, it's also perfect for use as a small plate.
    Masujyu 45: Meant to hold rice when used with Masujyu 60. With a good depth of 33 mm, it can also be used as a serving dish or small bowl at the table
    Masujyu 60: The perfect size for an individual lunch box when used by itself. It can also be stacked together to make a multi-tiered lunchbox.

  • Using this box for lunch or multi-layered for a picnic can create a sophisticated atmosphere.

    If you're looking to just carry a little, consider purchasing Masujyu 25 and 45. For a more standard amount, try Masujyu 25 and 60. If you'd like to carry a bit more, we recommend Masujyu 25, 45 and 60.
    When stacked together, you can use the Masujyu to carry many different foods, so it can be used according to your liking. In addition, Masujyu 25's convenient design makes the perfect small plate to carry with you no-hassle during a picnic.

  • The Masujyu are made from natural Japanese Kiso cypress. Because the wood is free from dyes and lacquer, you can enjoy its natural cypress scent.
    If using with rice, first splash the Masujyu with water then pat it dry with a tea towel or strain out the water to keep the rice from sticking to the Masujyu and to create a moist environment that will keep the rice from getting hard. This will also prevent oil or other stains from permeating into the wood.

  • The notches on the outside of the Masujyu are each 5mm apart.

Important points

  • Each product differs in size and shape as they are handmade.
  • There is a possibility of some fuzz, marks or peeling on the outside of the Masujyu from when it was carved, or notches from when the marks on the outside of the Masujyu were carved.
  • When washing, use a neutral soap and a sponge, wipe dry and then allow to dry completely.
  • Not intended for use in the microwave, dishwashing machine, or dish drying machine. This might cause warpage or breakage and make the Masujyu unusable.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

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Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan),
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