receipt calendar 2024


A calendar with dotted characters printed in cash register ink and an elongated shape.
With enough blank space to fill in your daily schedule and plenty of length that allows for continued writing. (Characters are black, but red on weekends and holidays)

As this receipt calendar is printed precisely with a real register, some of the twelve pieces (one piece for each month) of this special paper may come with red lines that mark its end. This handmade flavor gives it a unique feeling of humanity and history that contrasts with the simple design of the calendar. Truly a fantastical product.

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Size 850"L × 76"W mm
Weight: 50 g
Materials Paper
Others Twelve sheets from January to December.
  • A length of 850mm.
    Writing your schedule for each month on a vertical format makes it easy to view.
  • Writing example

    Dotted characters typed with an ink using register. These are not the same as those receipts printed with heat (thermal paper) in convenience stores and the like.
  • receipt calendar Made with a real register, hence the dotted characters and lines.
    Cut with scissors over the dotted line below "The line to cut". There are no perforations.
  • The calendar's twelve receipts are held together with rivets. Its 850"L × 76"W mm length allows for it to be rolled up and packaged in thin paper.

    Among the twelve pieces of the calendar there is one with red lines that indicate the roll end mark.

receipt calendar 2023

Important points

  • No deliveries available when out of stock.
  • There are cutting lines in the paper but no perforations.
  • This product uses real receipts, hence the red lines partially printed on both sides that indicates the roll end mark. Please be aware this is a feature of the product before acquiring it.
  • Font type of characters is subject to change with each year.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time We ship the item accordingly when it is in stock.
Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan),
Express home delivery
Gifting Options (Only in Japan) Simplified gift wrapping (in a paper bag or just rolled in paper),
Small message card


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