Leather inner sheet (for Stationery tray)

FUTAGAMI 文具トレイ専用の革製シート。
[ incomplete translation ]


Leather inner sheet, small
¥308 (+) 2 points

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Leather inner sheet, medium
¥605 (+) 5 points

2 in stock

Leather inner sheet, large
¥990 (+) 9 points

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Manuf,Brands: FUTAGAMIDesigner,Creator: Oji Masanori , O Categories: , , Tag:


Size / small 46"W × 63"D × 2"T mm
Weight: 5g
Size / medium 117"W × 63"D × 2"T mm
Weight: 12g
Size / large 187"W × 63"D × 2"T mm
Weight: 22g
Materials Tanned Leather

Important points

  • We do not accept overseas shipment of this item.
  • 革の表情は個々に違います。天然素材の特徴としてご理解下さい。

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time We ship the item accordingly when it is in stock.
Delivery Type International delivery (outside Japan)
  • Leather inner sheet (for Stationery tray)



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