Beeswax Wax (for wood)


Five natural materials
Beeswax (moisturizing/softening), rapeseed oil from Toyama (antiseptic/insect repellent), linseed oil (water repellent), camellia oil (resist oxidation and hardening/moisturizing/preservation), and hiba oil from Aoyama (mold prevention/insect repellent) are used as the raw materials for this Oyama Sawmill’s original Beeswax Cream that is friendly to humans and the environment, using a special processing method and finding the combination of each oils that supplement the missing factors. Use this to protect various woodwork products such as flooring, wooden furniture, wooden crafts, etc.


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Size / 40g 70"diam × 17"T mm
Volume: 40g
Weight: 70g
Size / 200g 105"diam × 38"T mm
Volume: 200g
Weight: 295g
Component Beeswax, rapeseed oil, linseed oil, camellia oil, hiba oil
  • We have the 40g variant for people who wishes to test first and who do not use a lot, and the 200g variant for people who wishes to use plenty. Depending on the type of wood, quality, permeability of the wood, and coating method, the 200g variant can cover an area of about 10-12 tatami (16.5m² - 19.8m²).

    While it is described for woodwork use, it can also be used for leather goods. The color for woodwork and leather goods may change depending on the material properties. Please test on an inconspicuous part first before usage.

  • Clean of dust and dirt from the product to be coated.
  • Apply Beeswax Cream on a dry cloth or sponge, spread it lightly
  • Leave for 30 minutes, then check if it is dried.
  • Finish by wiping with a dry cloth.

Important points

  • Color may change depending on the wood properties. Please test on an inconspicuous part before use.
  • The effect will differ depending on the material properties, temperature, and humidity.
  • Do not store near fire or direct sunlight.
  • The cloth or sponge used to apply the Beeswax Cream may spontaneously combust. Please soak in water before disposal.
  • This product is not to be used as skincare product.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

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Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan),
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