Relief tile

In the process of manufacturing accessories, the artist starts to feel the existence of things like gemstones of crystals in their work. These are relief tiles born as if they were mining for a deposit.
The cumulative action of sculpturing designs into clay and repeatedly glazing and firing forms a shape like a crystal born from the accumulation of time and nature.


Relief tile, 01 (210807-01)
¥26,400 (+) 240 points

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Relief tile, 02 (210807-01)
¥29,700 (+) 270 points

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UU ceramic jewelry and objects "Relief tile"

Size / 01 (210807-01) 205"H × 155"W × 55"D mm
Weight: 425 g
Size / 02 (210807-01) 205"H × 155"W × 55"D mm
Weight: 625 g
Materials Porcelain

Important points

  • There is a wide variation among the products due to cracks, breakage and glazing during the manufacturing process.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

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Delivery Type International delivery (outside Japan)
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Gifting Options (Only in Japan) Greeting Card
  • UU ceramic jewelry and objects


  • Relief tile, 02 (210807-01)Size comparison with people

    Box size:
    205"H × 155"W × 55"D mm

  • Back side of Relief tile

    On the back side, there is a hole for hanging it on a wall.
    Or you can also enjoy the product by placing it on a surface.


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