Two sides Flat Grater (for daikon, seasonings)


The top side is for daikon and the back for seasonings “Two sides Flat Grater”.
The bronze grater, passed down through generations since the Edo period, is made by slogging bronze plates and by adjusting each edge to stand, which allows the blades to be sharp, wide and irregular in position.
Using sharp blades keep the fibers in vegetables such as radish, wasabi and ginger virtually intact. This way, a mild and non-watery flavor can be enjoyed from the grated ingredients and food.

Two sides Flat Grater #1

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Two sides Flat Grater #3

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Two sides Flat Grater #4

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Size / #1 300"L × 185"W mm
Weight: 770g
Size / #3 245"L × 150"W mm
Weight: 550g
Size / #4 225"L × 130"W mm
Weight: 350g
Materials Copper
Surface finishing Tin coating
  • From the top, #4, #3, #1.
  • Two sides Flat Grater #4 (for daikon, seasonings)
  • The top side (left) is for daikon and the back (right) for seasonings
  • The daikon blade:
    Each blade is made one-by-one, with a special chisel and a hammer.
    Each blades are facing different angles, only hand made graters have this feature. These sharp blades let you make fluffy ground Japanese radish.
  • The back-side's seasoning blades are finer.

Important points

  • The blades are extremely sharp; Please be very cautious when using, to prevent any injuries.
  • Note that the grater is exclusively for vegetables and fruits. Please do not grate hard material such as frozen food, bones, rock salt and cheese.
  • Wash,dry and store right after use. Please do not use chlorine bleach, cleansing, metallic scrubbing brush or soak and wash the grater.
  • If the grater is left with salt or acidic material attached, or if stored in a humid environment, it may cause rusts on the grater. In the case where rusting has occurred, please scrub the grater with a brush or a cloth soaked with a mixture of vinegar and salt, then rinse with water.
  • Please do not place it close to fire or any flammable material(s).
  • Please keep it out of children's reach.

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