Paper Holder


The appeal of metal.

A paper holder with a simple design.
It is unpainted to showcase the characteristics of the metal.

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Size 160"W × 80"H × 85"D mm
Weight: 320g (Brass), 300g (Iron)
Materials Brass, Iron
Surface finishing Buff finished: Brass
Black iron coating: Iron
Others Four 32 mm countersunk screws are included.
  • It has a simple form made by bending a combination of two round bars.

  • From the left, iron, brass, stainless steel
    * The stainless steel type is currently not manufactured.

  • When the paper cutter bar is raised.

  • It is difficult to tell because it is just placed on the ground, but toilet paper is set in the paper holder.

  • Countersunk screws of the same metal are included for each type.

  • Other metal fittings

Important points

  • Please drill a hole at the mounting position beforehand because the brass screw is easily breakable, When tightening the screw, please use a manual driver and do not use an electrical device.
  • Do not use the enclosed screws for mounting to plasterboard, concrete or metal surfaces.
    Please obtain anchors at your local DIY store if you want to attach the holder to plasterboard or concrete.
  • If the holder is wet, please wipe and dry as soon as possible.
  • About brass products:
    If moisture, salt or acid is left on the surface, this may lead to discoloration and/or verdigris (green rust). Verdigris is not harmful, but if you wish, you can remove it by directly rubbing it with a cloth using vinegar mixed with the same amount of salt, Then, rub clean with dishwashing detergent, rinse and then completely wipe moisture off to dry.
  • About iron product:
    The product is unpainted and will change over the years with rust. Please be aware that moisture, salt and acid will cause it to rust more quickly.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time 2~3 months if not in-stock.
Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan)
Express home delivery


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