Colors of the sun to give a sense of time to the picture

A baby chick. The chick doesn’t know the way around yet.
One morning, the chick woke up to find its mother is nowhere.
The chick saw a sparrow flying around. It seemed busy but the chick asked if it had seen the mother. “Westward. She went westward,” said the sparrow.

This story is about the chick’s journey . It keeps walking, trying to find its mother.
Readers will easily sense how the time passes from the texture and colors of the paper. This picture book is maximizing the beauty of paper itself.(Text: Japanese and French)

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Manuf,Brands: ONE STROKEDesigner,Creator: KOMAGATA KatsumiK Categories:
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Size 190"W × 245"H mm
Weight: 170g
Natation Japanese and French
Materials Paper
Others Total 40 pages
  • The book starts with a yellow-colored page.
  • Then, it is replaced with orange-colored paper to represent that it is already late afternoon.
  • Finally, red-colored paper for sunset and navy-colored paper for night-time.

Important points

  • Paper types, design and price are subject to change without notice.

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Delivery Time 1~2 weeks if not in-stock.
Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan),
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Gifting Options (Only in Japan) Gift-Wrapping (simple),
Small message card,
Noshi (Japanese gift wrapping ribbon paper)


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