Chopstick restraint, Crescent Moon


A plain chopstick rest that reveals the beauty of the base material.

This is a series of chopstick rests made on the theme of “light”, as it is using the characteristic brilliance of the brass casting surface.
The chopstick rest has a tendency to be a minor item, but with the Futagami series of chopstick rests, you can get a feeling of happiness from the elegance of the serene luster whenever you place your chopsticks on it. These moon-shaped chopstick rests have the largest surface in the series and the feeling and expression from the casting surface enhance the brass aspect. When stored in the attached wooden tray, it does not fall apart and can be displayed as a decorative object. It is a fine article that shouldn’t be stored away but easy to reach and which changes over the years should be enjoyed.

Chopstick restraint, Crescent Moon (set of 3)

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Chopstick restraint, Crescent Moon (set of 4)

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Chopstick restraint, Crescent Moon (set of 5)

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Size / per piece 35"W × 30"D × 10"H mm
Weight: 62 g
Size / set of 3 72"diam × 17"H mm
Total Weight: 180 g
Size / set of 4 68"W × 68"D × 17"H mm
Total Weight: 240 g
Size / set of 5 85"diam × 17"H mm
Total Weight: 300 g
Materials Brass
Others Wooden tray included (without lid)
  • Chopstick restraint, Crescent Moon There are three options with three, four or five moons.

    When stored together, it looks like a family crest. Because it has the largest surface in the "Futagami/chopstick rest series", the feeling and expression from the casting surface enhance the brass aspect. The wooden tray to store the chopstick rests together is the only additional item provided. There is no lid.
  • Chopstick restraint, Crescent Moon (Image) The top (curved) and bottom (flat) are cast surfaces. The sides have hairline finish. It also looks elegant when the chopsticks are placed on it and provides the feeling of eating at a restaurant everyday.

Chopstick restraint, Crescent Moon

Important points

  • This product is made from pure brass without any coatings or paints. It will shine at first, but the surface will become darker due to oxidation as it is used. There may be products that have started oxidizing (becoming darker) when it arrives. Please understand that this is characteristic of the product before purchasing and using it.
  • This products uses sand casting, resulting in a surface finish characteristic of sand casting. Please enjoy the sand grain, tint, and scratches as the material's original appearance.
  • For cleaning, use a sponge and neutral detergent. Do not use a metal brush.
  • You can restore the original shine by polishing using over-the-counter metal abrasive compound and polishing cloth.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time 2~4 weeks if not in-stock.
Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan)


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