Shape for carrying
“COAL BAG” is designed with “carrying” in mind.
Raregem workers never found a right bag they could use when they work at construction. Nothing could satisfy their needs. They wanted something big and sturdy, yet beautiful enough to carry around. They found that the bags used at coal mine were close to what they were looking for. They customized the bag with a little bit of nave threads. That’s how they made the “COAL BAG”.

“Small” can fit an A4 notebook easily and it is big enough for your daily use. You will like the size and use it every time you go out.
“Medium” is a modestly-sized and simple bag. The size and design are popular among women. Magazines, scarfs, and small blankets can fit inside the bag. You can use it for daily use as well as for get-aways.
“Regular” is popular among men and you can put all the things you need. Bring it for a short trip or leisure. It’s also perfect for daily use to spice up your style.
“XL” is useful in the outdoor scenes such as camping, leisure, and trip. Professionals love the product. Cameramen use it to carry equipment, stylists use it to store clothes and so on.


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COAL BAG, Medium

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COAL BAG, Regular

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Available on backorder

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Size / Small 420"W × 230"H × 150"D mm
Weight: 360g
Size / Medium 560"W × 310"H × 160"D mm
Weight: 520g
Size / Regular 720"W × 420"H × 155"D mm
Weight: 800g
Size / XL 860"W × 500"H × 185"D mm
Weight: 1100g
Materials #4 Kurashiki canvas
  • COAL BAG, Small & XL They come in 4 sizes. (*The bags in the picture are Small and XL.)
  • COAL BAG, Small Image: Size / Small
    The fabric is raregem original selvage canvas with blue lines (#4 Kurashiki canvas).
  • The handles are uniquely stitched at a tilt.
  • There are stitches on the pocket inside. Detailed design.
  • Inside the bag.
    Twilled tape (cotton 100%) is backing the inside of "small" and "medium" bags and size 6 canvas is backing "regular" and "XL" bags. This is made rough to fit the "COAL BAG" name.
  • The side and the bottom.

COAL BAG, Small & XL

Important points

  • The height(H) doesn't contain the handles.
  • Since this is a canvas, neps (fibres popping out on the surface) or color unevenness can be present.
  • Remove taints as soon as possible with a dry cloth or a brush.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time 1.5~2.5 months if not in-stock.
Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan),
Express home delivery
Gifting Options (Only within Japan) Small message card


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