Jincup Urushi


Wooden cup to enjoy for everyday use.

Wooden cup made of tabunoki wood. Features a perfect balance of the sharp, smoothly finished parts and the charming shaved appearance. It has a surprisingly easy to hold handle shape and a rim that is comfortable on the mouth, and most importantly, its beautiful shape. This is an item that will be used for a long time be it outdoors or indoors.

* Orders for “JIN CUP” of any size and any type are limited to a maximum of two per person. Orders in violation of this limit will be cancelled without customer approval.
Stock update on 20 Sep 2021. (SOLD OUT)
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Jincup Urushi Red, M
¥16,500 (+) 150 points

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Jincup Urushi Red, L
¥19,800 (+) 180 points

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Jincup Urushi Red, 2L
¥26,400 (+) 240 points

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Size / M 100"W × 68"D × 75"H mm
Capacity: 140 mL
Weight: 85 g
Size / L 100"W × 68"D× 95"H mm
Capacity: 180 mL
Weight: 100 g
Size / 2L 110"W × 76"D× 102"H mm
Capacity: 270 mL
Weight: 165 g
Materials Wood (machilus thunbergii)
Surface finishing Resin coating, Japanese Lacquer (Urushi)
  • Jincup Urushi Red

    Comes in three sizes.

  • Jincup Urushi Red

    The rim and the insides are red. It is painted in such a way to faintly show the grains.

  • Jincup Urushi Red

    "Jin" logo visible on the bottom.

  • Jincup Urushi Red

    The grains and colors may differ since it is made using natural wood.

Jincup Urushi Red

Important points

  • Each and every spoon is carefully made by the artist, so slight differences in size and shape may occur.
  • The items are made of natural wood and each of them has different textures and patterns. They may have distinct wood grains, black spots, black lines, small holes, rough texture, small stains, and scratches. Please understand they are due to the nature of natural wood material. We cannot exchange items because of the color and texture of the wood.
  • Do not expose it direct sunlight or strong light for a long time. This will cause distortion and discoloring.
  • Do not use it with a microwave or a dishwasher. This may cause distortion or cracking.
  • Use neutral detergent with a sponge or a cloth when washing. Do not use a scrubber, a metal scrubber, or cleanser. Do not soak in the water for a long time. Pat dry with a soft cloth after washing.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time We ship the item accordingly when it is in stock.
Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan),
Express home delivery
Gifting Options (Only in Japan) Gift-Wrapping,
Greeting Card


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