Compact, Old glass


A thin glass with a long history

This is the compact series drawing on the design of the ultra thin single gulp beer glass that was sold in the 50s.
With a thickness of around 1mm, drinking from the glass feels like having the drink brought to you directly. The small brim too makes it particularly addictive. Though its a simple design, you can feel the solid craftsmanship behind the series.


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Manuf,Brands: Kimura glass Categories:


6oz Old 70"diam × 78"H mm
Capacity: 230mL
Weight: 40g
8oz Old 76"diam × 85"H mm
Capacity: 270mL
Weight: 50g
10oz Old 81"diam × 91"H mm
Capacity: 330mL
Weight: 60g
14oz Old 88"diam × 100"H mm
Capacity: 440mL
Weight: 80g
Materials Lead-free crystal
  • The glass thickness is approx. 1mm.

    Valium crystal is used for the glass.
    It is an unleaded crystal that does not contain lead. Because it has a slightly higher hardness than leaded crystal, it does not scratch nor break as easily.
  • 6oz Old glass
  • 8oz Old glass
  • oz Old glass
  • 14oz オールド
  • Image of other items from the series

    The Compact Series has a total of about 30 different items. We have picked only 12 to be showcased.
    For glasses, we have 4 shapes: M Tumblr, Rock, Tumblr, Zombie.

Important points

  • As each item is handmade by the artisan, there may be slight variations in size and shape.
  • 製造工程上、製品に気泡が入っている場合や表面に擦れ跡がある場合もあります。

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