KISO, Wine glass



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KISO, 8oz Sparkling

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KISO, 10oz Wine

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KISO, 15oz Wine

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KISO, 19oz Wine

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8oz Sparkling 45"diam × 197"H mm
Bowl: 73"diam mm
Capacity: 260 mL
Weight: 95 g
10oz Wine 50"diam × 165"H mm
Bowl: 82"diam mm
Capacity: 310 mL
Weight: 110 g
15oz Wine 56"diam × 179"H mm
Bowl: 93"diam mm
Capacity: 450 mL
Weight: 130 g
19oz Wine 60"diam × 187"H mm
Bowl: 100"diam mm
Capacity: 540 mL
Weight: 180 g
Materials Lead-free crystal
others Not boxed.
  • KISO, 15oz Wine 画像:15oz ワイン
  • KISO, 8oz Sparkling シリーズの中で少し形の違う8oz スパークリング

KISO, Wine glass
KISO, Wine glass

Important points

  • As each item is handmade by the artisan, there may be slight variations in size and shape.
  • 製造工程上、製品に気泡が入っている場合や表面に擦れ跡がある場合もあります。

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