Cast metal sign letters


Sign letters made from cast brass. There are 2 types: serif and sans-serif.
You can choose as few as a single letter or number, so you are free to combine and arrange them as you like. Please use them for nameplates, room numbers on doors, and various signs in shops and hotels.

Please put the required character quantity into the cart and make sure to write down the following three items in the order notes on the payment page.
* Threaded rod length (Up to 60mm)
* Spacer length (Up to 30mm)
* The sign text and character count. Eg (Tsuji 001) (total 8 characters)
* Change the body to Kurozome-black (No additional charge)

Serif "One lowercase alphabet (Only one of a to z.)"
Cast metal sign letters, serif "One uppercase alphabet (Only one of A to Z.)"
Serif "One number (Only one of zero to 9.)"
Sans-serif "One lowercase alphabet (Only one of a to z.)"
Sans-serif "One uppercase alphabet (Only one of A to Z.)"


Size Download the following PDF file and check the size.
Uppercase alphabet
Lowercase alphabet
Uppercase alphabet
Lowercase alphabet
Materials Brass (body) , Stainless steel (bolt and spacer)
Surface finishing Ihada-gold: Non coating (Casting surface)
Kurozome-black: Sulfide fumigation
Others It is also possible to change the body to Kurozome-black.
  • The size varies by type. Please download and check the PDF file.
  • The following 3 items must be specified. Please be sure to list them in the order notes on the payment page.
    1: Threaded rod length
    2: Spacer length
    3: Sign text and character count ( Example: (Tsuji 001) (total 8 characters) )

    *For reference, the maker’s recommend spacer length is 12mm.
  • "Ihada-gold" and "Kurozome-black".
    *It is also possible to change the body to Kurozome-black (No additional billing amount).
  • The impression varies depending on the font and character spacing.

    Price when the character is " t s u j i ":
    Lowercase alphabet 8,100 JPY × 5 pieces = 40,500 JPY in total (tax-excluded)
  • Serif is a form which enhances the appearance of the surface.
  • Sans-serif has many flat surfaces, so the look of the cast surface has a smoother image than the serif.
  • When only threaded bolts are used (without spacers), they can be mounted flush against walls, so they can also be used for room numbers on doors in shops and hotels, or for signs for floor numbers near stairways, etc.
  • Printing out the PDF file and thinking up your own sign layout is part of the fun.
  • Image of use
    *The image is a sample, so spacers are not used. The sign letters project 20mm from the surface (spacer length).

Important points

  • Please be sure to write the threaded rod length, spacer length, and the sign text and character count (Example: (Tsuji 001) (total: 8 characters)) in the order notes on the payment page. While it is clear that the character count is the same as the number to be purchased, we ask that you list it for your own confirmation, including the sign text.
  • You can replace Ihada-gold with Kurozome-black for the same price. If you wish to do so, please be sure to write this in the order notes on the payment page.
  • When purchasing 2 or more characters, we can provide a sample PDF file with the characters. Please indicate this in the order notes on the payment page. (For reference : "niguramu" Sample-sign PDF file)
  • We do not handle design work, such as text layout, etc., or installation work. We are also unable to answer questions about installation techniques. If necessary, please consult an architectural design firm, home construction company, or building contractor.
  • Due to the manufacturing process, the cast surface may have depressions, furrows, or small pits, etc. Please enjoy the natural appearance of the material.
  • Pure brass products will oxidize with the passage of time, darkening in color. Please be sure to understand the characteristics of the product before purchasing and use.
  • After mounting, when the appearance of the Ihada-gold type changes with the passage of time, please polish it with a commercial abrasive compound, etc.
    Polishing the Kurozome-black type will cause the colored finish to be stripped off, so please do not use abrasives.
  • We do not accept cash-on-delivery for orders of this product.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time 1~2 months after backorder.
Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan),
Express home delivery


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