YH, mag & plate

Glossy white porcelain mug and plate.
Simple but versatile design that allows you to use them as a set of cup and saucer or use them separately as a soup mug and a small dish.


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YH, mag & plate

Size / mag 114"W × 87"D (87"diam) × 59"H mm
Capacity: 240 mL
Weight: 170 g
Size / plate 150 157"diam × 15"H mm
Weight: 200 g
Materials Porcelain
Range of Use Microwave , Dishwasher

Important points

  • The mug is not for stacking.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time 1~2 months if not in-stock.
Delivery Type International delivery (outside Japan),
Express home delivery
Gifting Options (Only in Japan) Gift-Wrapping,
Greeting Card
  • Cylindrical and stable shape of the mug makes you feel an appetite for morning soup and plenty of tea and coffee.

  • The small but versatile plate can be used as a cake plate or an extra plate.
    The back of the plate is flat without foot so the plates can be stacked neatly.

  • You can collect mugs and plates individually, and use them as a set.


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