Deco, flatware & cutlery

Flatware and cutlery in use by hotels and restaurants since the Taisho era.
The art deco pattern and standard form exudes a calm atmosphere.


Deco, Knife
¥880 (+) 8 points

41 in stock

Deco, Fork
¥550 (+) 5 points

49 in stock

Deco, Spoon
¥550 (+) 5 points

52 in stock

Deco, Soup Spoon
¥550 (+) 5 points

30 in stock

Deco, Cake Fork
¥418 (+) 3 points

18 in stock

Deco, Tea Spoon
¥385 (+) 3 points

23 in stock

Deco, Cocktail Fork
¥286 (+) 2 points

48 in stock

Deco, Coffee Spoon
¥286 (+) 2 points

49 in stock

Deco, Butter Knife
¥418 (+) 3 points

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Deco flatware & cutlery

Knife 212"L × 20"W mm
Weight: 82 g
Fork 178"L × 24"W mm
Weight: 40 g
Spoon 183"L × 41"W mm
Weight: 45 g
Soup Spoon 177"L × 47"W mm
Weight: 42 g
Cake Fork 157"L × 19"W mm
Weight: 23 g
Tea Spoon 132"L × 30"W mm
Weight: 23 g
Cocktail Fork 121"L × 14"W mm
Weight: 10 g
Coffee Spoon 117"L × 26"W mm
Weight: 15 g
Butter Knife 157"L × 21"W mm
Weight: 27 g
Materials 13-0 Stainless steel
Surface finishing Mirror finish

Important points

  • The finish of handle's edges may be a bit rough with slightly sharp edges.
  • Does not come in a box; each item is packaged in a transparent plastic bag.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time We ship the item accordingly when it is in stock.
Delivery Type International delivery (outside Japan),
Express home delivery
Gifting Options (Only in Japan) Gift-Wrapping (simple),
Greeting Card
  • All 9 types.

  • Knife Details

    The knife has a fine blade. The handle is integrated to the blade as a single piece and it is not hollow, giving it a moderate weight and sturdiness.

  • 3 types of forks

    The fork's tips are long with an attractive, easy to use standard shape.

  • The flatware has an art deco style handle.

    The handles for the fork and the spoon are slightly wide, making the shape easy to hold.


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