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Thick glass chain with satin ring accent.
Necklace made from glass chain with woven satin ring incorporated into it.
The satin ring gives a sense of softness and elegance to the slightly hard feel of the thick glass chain.

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Size 440"L mm
Weight: 45g
Materials Borosilicate glass, Satin
  • The glass comes in black and white color, while the satin comes in black color.

    Compared to the "short chain necklace / glass & silver" in the same series, this item has thicker lines and larger chains.
  • The woven satin cloth gives a classy finish.
  • The clasp uses "mantel" style, with a rod inserted into a circle to hold it in place.
    Bringing the mantel to the front and match it with your top for a wonderful look. Rotate it and the chain's color arrangement will change, showing a different feel.

    The simple design of this necklace lends itself to a variety of uses; from t-shirts and jeans to very casual wear. Don’t hesitate to wear it with a wide variety of clothes to increase its use.
  • Size comparison with other items.

Important points

  • Size, color, and appearance of each piece may differ as they are made one by one.
  • Due to the focus on design, material feel, and presence, the decorative parts are delicate. The pieces may break if excessive force is applied.

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