short chain necklace / Glass & Silver


Glass of various shapes and a silver chain

A chain necklace of a combination of glass and silver. The combination of irregular shapes saves it from heavy-looking specific to a large metal chain. Sharp sparkle of the glass and soft gloss of the silver make an irregular and playful rhythm of the necklace.

Eri Fukada’s soft, brilliant silver parts made by shaping silver clay then firing it. Glass parts made by Kana Umeda with dazzling brilliance and faint, transparent look. This simple combination of colors and materials allows you to enjoy various look while wearing these ear piercings.


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Size 430"L mm
Weight: 35g
Materials Borosilicate glass, silver-SV1000
  • Colors of the glass include black and clear, combine with the silver chain.

    This necklace has a narrower shape and smaller chain than "Short chain necklace/Glass & Fabric" (a combination of woven satin ring and glass) in the same series.

  • The clasp uses "mantel" style, with a rod inserted into a circle to hold it in place.
    Bringing the mantel to the front and match it with your top for a wonderful look. Rotate it and the chain's color arrangement will change, showing a different feel.

  • The simple design of this necklace lends itself to a variety of uses; from t-shirts and jeans to very casual wear. Don’t hesitate to wear it with a wide variety of clothes to increase its use.

Important points

  • Size, color, and appearance of each piece may differ as they are made one by one.
  • Due to the focus on design, material feel, and presence, the decorative parts are delicate. The pieces may break if excessive force is applied.
  • Silver will change its color with the passage of time. In case a discoloration occured, please wipe with silver polish or baking soda dissolved in water, or use a stainless steel brush to lightly brush the pieces.
    Wipe with soft cloth to remove sweat and stains after use, and store in a closed bag or container to prevent moisture and dust.

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