Duetto, Plate

The “Duetto” series is attractive for its unique color and shape.
The plates, which come in five different sizes to suit different uses, are deep and easy to hold with a widened rim on both sides.
In the Duetto series, not only the shape but also the glaze is carefully chosen, and different glazes are used for the same shape of white and brown. White has a warm look with a soft and moist milky glaze, while brown has a retro look with an austere iron glaze. Different colors have different textures and expressions.


Duetto, Plate LL / brown
¥2,420 (+) 22 points

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Duetto, Plate L / brown
¥1,760 (+) 16 points

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Duetto, Plate M / brown
¥1,100 (+) 10 points

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Duetto, Plate S / brown
¥990 (+) 9 points

11 in stock

Duetto, Spoon rest / brown
¥660 (+) 6 points

6 in stock

Duetto, Plate LL / white
¥2,420 (+) 22 points

9 in stock

Duetto, Plate L / white
¥1,760 (+) 16 points

6 in stock

Duetto, Plate M / white
¥1,100 (+) 10 points

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Duetto, Plate S / white
¥990 (+) 9 points

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Duetto, Spoon rest / white
¥660 (+) 6 points

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Size/ LL 251"W × 214"D × 26"H mm
Weight: 600g
Size/ L 197"W × 170"D × 23"H mm
Weight: 400 g
Size/ M 155"W × 135"D × 23"H mm
Weight: 230 g
Size/ S 124"W × 108"D × 23"H mm
Weight: 160 g
Size/ Spoon rest 93"W × 85"D × 20"H mm
Weight: 90 g
Materials Semi porcelain

Important points

  • This product is semi-porcelain, but has a large percentage of red clay, making it similar to ceramic. Please avoid using a dishwasher.
  • The product is unique as each glazing produces differences in its unevenness. Also, there may be tiny holes and black spots called pinholes on its surface.
  • There may be dents on the surface of the plate due to shrinkage of the back side of the plate. - These are distortions caused by drying and firing after molding from clay. Please understand that this is a unique characteristic of pottery.
  • If you already own a product in the same series, the color of the delivered product may differ from the one you have.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time We ship the item accordingly when it is in stock.
Delivery Type International delivery (outside Japan),
Express home delivery
Gifting Options (Only in Japan) Gift-Wrapping,
Greeting Card,
Noshi (Japanese gift wrapping ribbon paper)
  • Plates of the same size can be stacked neatly on top of each other.

  • Both brown and white cups have different shades of flowing glaze and color changes due to firing. Each piece has its own unique look.

  • The "spoon rest" that serves as the smallest plate. This plate is the only one with a single mouth.
    It can be used not only as a spoon rest for drinking tea or coffee, but also as a small plate for pickles, condiments, etc.

  • "Plate LL" is the largest in the series.

  • Together with the plate of the same series, it can also be used as a set of cup and saucer.

    Right: "Plate M / white" and "Mug / white"
    Left: "Plate S / Bbown" and "Mug / brown"


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