Trivet, Sun


This lovely trivet uses the calm brilliance of brass to represent the sun.
The radial unevenness of this item is stunning, the large hollow in the middle allows it to release heat effectively and also be easily hooked on your finger for transportation. The size and shape of this item is ideal for everyday cooking utensils such as kettles and frying pans.

The Everyday Goods series by FUTAGAMI are all solid brass products that take advantage of the beauty of the raw material and the cast surface – any excess surface texture decoration such as painting/plating is strongly refrained from. The color and texture of the raw material will gradually change over time due to handling and oxidation. Please use this item frequently to ensure it is used at its best – do not keep it stored away for special occasions. Besides its original use as a trivet, it can also be used to decorate a room.

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Size 150"diam × 12"H mm
Weight: 380 g
Materials Brass
Others 3 rubber bottom feet
  • Pot stand, Sun The radial unevenness of this ‘sun’ trivet is stunning.
  • Pot stand, Sun This piece has three points covered with rubber on the rear to ensure it doesn’t mark the table when used. These rubber points are also non-slip to provide the piece with an extra sense of security.

Trivet, Sun

Important points

  • This product is made from pure brass without any coatings or paints. It will shine at first, but the surface will become darker due to oxidation as it is used. There may be products that have started oxidizing (becoming darker) when it arrives. Please understand that this is characteristic of the product before purchasing and using it.
  • This products uses sand casting, resulting in a surface finish characteristic of sand casting. Please enjoy the sand grain, tint, and scratches as the material's original appearance.
  • Please note that the trivet can become hot immediately after placing a hot item on top of it. Please handle with care to avoid scalding yourself.
  • For cleaning, use a sponge and neutral detergent. Do not use a metal brush.
  • You can restore the original shine by polishing using over-the-counter metal abrasive compound and polishing cloth.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time 2~4 weeks if not in-stock.
Delivery Type Express home delivery (inside Japan)
Gifting Options (Only within Japan) Gift-Wrapping,
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