Zenmai Hook (set of 2)


Multipurpose hook.

Zenmai Hook is a multipurpose hook that can be used to throw on bags or hats, to hang coat hangers or S-hooks on the hole parts, or to hang necklaces and belts.

FUTAGAMI livingware series are pure brass products that utilizes the beauty of the brass material as is without applying any coating or paint. As time passes, pure brass will get deeper coloring and feel due to oxidation and oil from hands. These are products that you can use while enjoying their changing appearance day by day. The unique brass appearance that becomes deeper as they are used are perfect for any interior, be it for a girly antique atmosphere, for the room of a boy who likes to play with mechanical objects, or for traditional Japanese-style rooms. Such a fun hook may even make your little children hang their bags and coats on it on their own. (The small size has been discontinued).

Zenmai Hook Diamond, large

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Zenmai Hook Bean-shape, large

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Diamond, large 62"L (screw length included) × 49"H × 7"T mm
Screw length: 15"L mm
Weight: 22g
Bean-shape, large 60"L (screw length included) × 50"H × 7"T mm
Screw length: 15"L mm
Weight: 22g
Materials Brass
Others Set of 2
  • Set of 2.
  • Hand size comparison. (The small size has been discontinued).
  • Usage Image

Important points

  • Please secure the place for attaching the hook, where solid wood foothold can be obtained. It cannot be placed on a plasterboard or a thin wooden board.
  • This product is made from pure brass without any coatings or paints. It will shine at first, but the surface will become darker due to oxidation as it is used. There may be products that have started oxidizing (becoming darker) when it arrives. Please understand that this is characteristic of the product before purchasing and using it.
  • This products uses sand casting, resulting in a surface finish characteristic of sand casting. Please enjoy the sand grain, tint, and scratches as the material's original appearance.
  • For cleaning, use a sponge and neutral detergent. Do not use a metal brush.
  • You can restore the original shine by polishing using over-the-counter metal abrasive compound and polishing cloth.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time 2~4 weeks if not in-stock.
Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan)


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