HEAD HONCHO, Small / Plain


This is a Boston bag with straps that draws inspiration from, and uses, kit (aviator) bags as motif.
It is made from washed grade 8 canvas which is soft and allows the bag to change its shape according to its contents, making it light and easy even if you’re carrying just a few items.
The handle, a thick stretchable custom single-threaded herring bone threaded across the entire bag, encompassing it and providing strong support.
Inside, there is one A4-sized pocket and opposite it are 2 pockets – 1 for your smartphone and 1 for name cards and other miscellaneous items. You can use the 3 pockets to your needs with the versatility available.

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Size 400"W × 320"H × 200"D mm
Weight: 770 g

Handle: 570"L mm
Shoulder strap: 690~1020"L mm
Materials Cotton 100% (body, handle, shoulder strap), Cow Leathe (zipper pull), Brass (zipper)
  • The bag's main part is made of grade 8 canvas.
    The handle has a custom single-threaded herring bone threaded over it entirely for durability.

    When empty, the bag is not an inflated rectangular shape.
  • With a 200mm (d) depth, it is the perfect size for visibility even when filled.

    Attached on one side of the double zippers is a cowhide cord.
  • It allows for a wide opening to see everything inside the bag.

  • The shoulder strap is detachable.
    Length: 690~1020mm
  • Carrying the bag cross-body with the shoulder straps.

Important points

  • The height(H) doesn't contain the handles.
  • Since this is a canvas, neps (fibres popping out on the surface) or color unevenness can be present.
  • Remove taints as soon as possible with a dry cloth or a brush.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time 1.5~2.5 months if not in-stock.
Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan),
Express home delivery
Gifting Options (Only in Japan) Small message card


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