Round dish (Sori Yanagi direction SHUSSAI KILN series)


These round dishes are part of the “Sori Yanagi direction SHUSSAI KILN series”, and are handmade using raw materials from the local area around the kiln.
In 1947, five young men opened “SHUSSAI KILN” for ceramics. They were first inspired by the writings of William Morris, then followed the teachings of Mingei period artists Kanjiro Kawai, Shoji Hamada, Bernard Leach, Soetsu Yanagi and Sori Yanagi.
These artisans focus on creating practical and simple products.


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Manuf,Brands: Sori YanagiDesigner,Creator: YANAGI SoriY Categories:


Size / L 235"diam × 40"H mm
Weight: 750g
Size / M 190"diam × 32"H mm
Weight: 450g
Size / S 150"diam × 25"H mm
Weight: 260g
Materials Pottery
  • These dishes are perfect for juicy foods because of their depth and individual sizes.
    The dish being held is a "Round dish, S / black".

  • The top rim is unglazed.

  • While the black dishes are the same color on the top and bottom, the white dishes have a different color beneath, made from an ash glaze.

  • Other series

Important points

  • The characteristics of the product can result in slight differences in size, shape (distortion), color, and glaze, etc. Small pinholes and/or black spots may also be visible.
  • These dishes are not dishwasher- or microwave-safe.

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