Nesting pan Shallow


Shallow, heat-resistant pans perfect for making quiches and tarts.

A simply shaped clay pan created by ceramist Tetsuya Otani. They can be used for boiling and frying on a direct heat, and they can also be put in an oven.
Since they have no handles, they can be used as dishes. You can serve dishes and cook hotpots and serve them directly on the table. You can enjoy simple shapes in various places. You will understand why they have no handles when you use them in the oven.

Nesting pan Shallow, 180

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Nesting pan Shallow, 210

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Nesting pan Shallow, 240

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Nesting pan Shallow, 270

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Size/180 210"diam (180"ID) × 42"H mm
Weight: 550 g
Size/210 240"diam (210"ID) × 46"H mm
Weight: 800 g
Size/240 270"diam (240"ID) × 47"H mm
Weight: 1100 g
Size/270 300"diam (270"ID) × 50"H mm
Weight: 1400 g
Materials Pottery
Range of Use Gas cooktop , Oven , Microwave
  • We have four sizes of nesting pans (shallow): 180, 210, 240 and 270.
  • Nesting pan (shallow): 270 :

    Shallow nesting pans are useful for making quiches and tarts. They can be used as pans for stir-fries. They are easy to use and practical, and give you a new charm every time you use them.
  • All of three pans are 270. Bottom right is "Nesting pan (shallow) 270".
  • Tetsuya Otani's pans
  • Reference image: "Nesting pan (deep) 180" in use

    It will become like this as you use.
    The sides and inside will become grayish in color, giving it an austere look as it ages. The underside will become more attractive, changing color after being exposed to direct heat.

Nesting pan Shallow

Important points

  • As it is handmade by a glass artist, they are individually different in shape, size and weight.
  • Due to the characteristics of the product, They have differences in the glaze application (unevenness, dripping, surface irregularities, etc.). They may also have bubbling traces of glaze or roughness.
  • They don't have lids.
  • Please be careful not to pour cold liquid into the product immediately after heating, as it may cause cracks.
  • You can order only one of each size because we have limited number of products in stock.

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