RYOUKA plate & bowl / Crackle glaze


A dignified appearance

A simple yet dignified ‘Ryouka’ plate (flower-shaped) which perfectly compliments the food it holds.

Kutani ware is famous for its five-color painting. ‘KATAKUTANI’ uses the same molds as Kutani ware but is plain instead to highlight the beautiful shapes of the porcelain itself. The old-fashioned shapes; SUMIKIRI Square, TUBA, 8 KAKU-MOCCO, KIKU, KIKYOU and RYOUKA, are all derived from the mold of the kiln itself. They evolve into fine cracks in the glaze to give a rich yet calming finish. Kutani ware is made for everyday use to further enhance the delicious cuisine it carries.

RYOUKA plate 215mm / Crackle glaze

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RYOUKA bowl 180mm / Crackle glaze

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plate 215mm 215"diam × 25"H mm
Weight: 400 g
bowl 180mm 182"diam × 65"H mm
Weight: 520 g
Materials Porcelain
  • RYOUKA plate 215mm / Crackle glaze

    RYOUKA plate 215mm

  • RYOUKA bowl 180mm / Crackle glaze

    RYOUKA bowl 180mm

  • RYOUKA plate 215mm / Crackle glaze

    The front and back of the 100mm RYOUKA plate

  • KATA KUTANI series

    KATA KUTANI series

KataKutani RYOUKA plates / Crackle glaze

Important points

  • A craze is an intentional crack in the glaze caused by the difference in shrinkage between the base material of the dish and the glaze during firing. If used with food containing liquid or pigments. these substances may gradually seep into the cracks, causing them to take on color. Soak the dishes in water before serving.
  • There are differences in the glazing for each dish. They may also contain small holes or black spots on the surface, which are known as pin holes.
  • The surface of the plates may have indentations due to shrinkage of the base on the bottom. This arises due to warping during drying and firing after it is molded. This is a characteristic of all pottery, and not a defect.
  • There may be chips in the base of the items. There may also be metal marks (which resemble pencil marks) on the unglazed part of the base due to friction.
  • If oil or other food soaks into the dishes, the cracks may appear to have diminished, or seem to have disappeared. If this happens, soak it in soap to remove the dirt from the crazing.
  • Do not places these items in microwaves, ovens, or dish washers.

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