TA, Ring


This beautiful ring helps to secure items in an area in replacement of a tray.
This porcelain ring can be used in a wide variety of ways; such as keeping keys together, decorating an area with stones/wood, etc.

TA, Ring / Unglazed White

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TA, Ring / Red

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Size 132"diam × 20"H mm
Weight: 210 g
Materials Porcelain
Surface finishing White: Unglazed
Red: Glaze
  • Size comparison with hands. This porcelain ring can be used in a wide variety of ways.
  • Ring surface The white ring is glaze-free with a matte appearance; the red ring is glazed with a shiny appearance.

TA, Ring

Important points

  • Note small particles of iron, pinholes and/or fine protrusions may be visible on the surface.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time 2~5 weeks if not in-stock.
Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan),
Express home delivery
Gifting Options (Only within Japan) Gift-Wrapping,
Small message card,
Noshi (Japanese gift wrapping ribbon paper)


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