Syale Kutani FLOWER


A simple shape yet a mood, there
“Ryosuke Harashima” wondered what a thickly ground Kutani ware would look like. This flower vase was created out of such simple curiosity. First it was a more industrial and simple image on my drawing, but it was changed itself with a charm by the technique and the creation of Kutani ware artisan.

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Size 195"L × 60"diam mm
Weight : 1,200 g
Materials Porcelain
Surface finishing Crackle glaze
  • Syale Kutani FLOWER Syale Kutani FLOWER
  • Syale Kutani FLOWER The diameter of the mouth is approximately 22 mm.
    The bottom surface is marked with “r.” to represent Ryosuke Harashima’s initial.
  • Syale Kutani FLOWER Due to its wall thickness, the sizing may vary slightly depending on the drying and firing conditions.
  • Syale Kutani The Syale Kutani Series is a playful take on design while exploring new horizons through the use of the Kutani ware technique.

Syale Kutani FLOWER

Important points

  • As it is handmade by a glass artist, they are individually different in shape, size and weight.
  • A craze is an intentional crack in the glaze caused by the difference in shrinkage between the base material of the dish and the glaze during firing.
  • There are differences in the glazing for each dish. They may also contain small holes or black spots on the surface, which are known as pin holes.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time 1~2 months if not in-stock.
Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan)
Express home delivery
Gifting Options (Only within Japan) Gift-Wrapping,
Small message card,
Noshi (Japanese gift wrapping ribbon paper)


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