Ring holder (set of two)


Glass ring holder with “gold leaf pasting” on the tip of the protrusion.(set of big and small pieces)
The light and shadows reflected in the glass are captivating. It is not only perfect as a ring holder, you can enjoy it for interior decoration too.

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Size Large : 55 "W x 55" D x 30 "H mm
Weight : 240 g

Small : 30 "W x 30" D x 20 "H mm
Weight : 30 g

*Approximate size and weight.
Materials Glass
Others Set of big and small pieces.
  • Glass ring-holder

    One set, with a piece each of the large and small sizes.
    The tip is ornamented with a gold leaf pasting.

  • Glass ring-holder

    The shape is different for each piece.

    Large : 55 "W x 55" D x 30 "H mm
    Small : 30 "W x 30" D x 20 "H mm
    *Approximate size and weight.

  • Glass ring-holder

    Size comparison with hand.

  • Glass ring-holder

    It is very suitable as an indoor objet d'art.

Glass ring-holder

Important points

  • As it is handmade by a glass artist, they are individually different in shape, size and weight.

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