HAGAMA Rice cooker (with wood lid)


Make the rice we eat everyday tastier and more enjoyable.
Recently, there has been a rise in people cooking rice in clay pots or thick pots. This southern ironware Hagama rice cooker is also recommended for this. There is a sense of nostalgia when you hear the word “cooking pot”, but here we have simple, refined form designed by Kamasada and Mr. Nobuho Miya, who handle modern works, The contrast between the black iron and the wooden lid results in a beautiful picturesque shape. There will naturally be signs of usage after using it for a long time, but this is also something with a deep charm. Try out this Hagama which will make your daily rice cooking more enjoyable.

There may be some worries that usage may be difficult, but the Hagama is made using traditional oil burning method, so rice will not stick to it even without seasoning with oil like southern iron frying pan, it is pleasant to use right away. However, it is not enamel or teflon-coated, so it can provide iron supplement naturally.

Iron materials have universal appeal which is not affected by trends. Iron products can be almost permanently used if they are well maintained.
Carefully crafted by craftsmen, each one of these rustic pans looks slightly different. With both practicality and functional beauty, they will eventually return to the soil after a long period of time. Introduce such healthy and environmentally friendly ironware to your everyday life.
1 gou = 180 mL (Amount of rice to cook)


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Size / 2 gou Body: 135"diam (165"OD) × 110"H mm
Lid: 150"diam × 75"H mm
Total Weight: 1650g

Back: 95"diam mm
Size / 3 gou Body: 155"diam (190"OD) × 120"H mm
Lid: 180"diam × 85"H mm
Total Weight: 2400g

Back: 110"diam mm
Size / 5 gou Body: 195"diam (240"OD) × 150"H mm
Lid: 220"diam × 85"H mm
Total Weight: 3900g

Back: 130"diam mm
Materials Cast iron, Wood
Others With wood lid
Range of Use Gas cooktop , IH , Oven

*If using on a IH cooker (Induction Cooker), please note that the cooker may not always acknowledge pans with a smaller rear diameter or uneven surface. We would recommend referring to the instruction manual provided with your IH cooker or manufacturer before purchase as supported sizes differ depending on the make of the cooker.
  • From the left, 5 gou, 3 gou, 2 gou.
  • Size comparison of the three variants with a human. The one held in hand is 0.54 liters (3gou).

    The side of the wooden lid is white, this is because it is covered in paper during shipping. Please remove the paper before use.
  • The 3 different sizes, top view.
  • Removable handle ring.
    Remove it during cooking and attach the handle after the rice is done so it is not hot even right after taking it off the flame.
  • Cooking rice with induction stove. Can be used with a gas stove as well.
  • 2gou / Back side: 95"diam mm
    3gou / Back side: 110"diam mm
    5gou / Back side: 130"diam mm
  • If you are concerned about corrosion after long term use, you can use it as a deep frying pot to reapply the oil seasoning. Being a deep pot, it is recommended for frying due to minimal oil splash.

When used for cooking things other than rice, it will not get burnt easily and will not impact the flavor. The smell will stick to the pot somewhat, but you can use it for boiling, soup, or deep frying pot (please remove the wooden lid when used as such). The insides are coated with oil from the oil burning process, so even if you use it for deep frying it will not cause the rice to be oily and taste bad.
Please try the Hagama rice cooker for various usage. Being a deep pot, oil does not splash much, making it recommended for frying.

Before using Hagama rice cooker.
Wash the dust inside lightly with warm water.

After Using
Store in a well-ventilated place after drying. To prevent damage to the iron kettle, please do not keep water in it when storing.
Emptying the iron kettle while it is hot will allow it to dry the remaining water droplets with the heat faster. However, in the case of leftover water, use a low flame as appropriate (around 1 minute) to evaporate all the moisture (do not heat the iron kettle by itself).

Important points

  • Including all sizes of "Kamasada-HAGAMA", purchase is limited to one per person.
    If you do not confirm this notice and order one or more, we will refund you without confirmation to the customer. Or we will cancel your order. In that case we will not compensate for stock.
  • Note that slight differences in size, shape and facial expression can occur due to it being hand made by a skilled craftsman.
  • Note that the grain and color of each any every lid differs slightly due to it being made with natural materials. Specifications and size may also differ slightly depending on its manufacturing time.
  • This piece may may crack or darken upon use.
  • Please refrain from leaving food in the frying pan over long periods of time as this can cause rust. This is especially important for dishes that contain a lot of moisture or are sour in taste.
    Please use as little washing detergent on the frying pan as possible. Instead, please use a sponge or scourer to remove any dirt. Once washed, please dry with a cloth and place over heat for a short time to thoroughly dry it. (Do not leave it under heat for a long time.)
  • Due to the manufacturing process, there may be small bumps or holes. However, each item has passed the manufacturer and our inspection standard and will not cause issues during usage. Please refrain from returning the product for such reasons.
  • Since the finish and quality standards of products vary depending on the manufacturer, the appearance of casting surface also varies.
  • The blackening may come off during delivery.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time We ship the item accordingly when it is in stock.
Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan),
Express home delivery
Gifting Options (Only in Japan) Gift-Wrapping,
Small message card,
Noshi (Japanese gift wrapping ribbon paper)


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