Copper dustpan, pipe grip


Thin and easy-to-grip pipe grip

This is a dustpan with a pipe grip entirely made of copper.
It is made from a copper plate cut into a dustpan shaped frame, formed with a hammer. It is complete when unwanted parts are removed and polished. Every process is done manually and each product has a unique look. Some are darker than the others and some are lighter. None of them is the same.
The bottom part is slightly crooked to fit into the floor. The main part is shaped semicircle and feels warm even though it is a metal (copper) product. The grip part is attached across, and shaped oval. The top is cut sideways and the look from the side is beautiful. The width of the grip is 20mm and you can handle it firmly. This product is popular among women. You can feel a sense of craftsmanship, it’s designed cute and sharp. Perfect for your daily cleanups.


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Size 185"W (broad part) × 255"L × 90"H mm
Weight: 270g
Materials Copper
Surface finishing brown : Oxide brazing (oxide coloring)
red: Red copper oxide
  • The pipe is attached sideways and the cut top looks stylish.
  • The bottom part is slightly crooked to fit into the floor so you can see hammer impressions at the bent part.
  • The grip is a round pipe and the top is crashed and oval. It's cut sideways and looks stylish.
  • The grip from behind.

    The grip is attached by brazing. We melt alloy (bronze blazing), which has a lower fusing point than the main body (copper) and attach them together. It is almost like soldering. * The fusing point of copper is 1083 Celsius and it is 850~950 Celsius for bronze blazing.
  • Size comparison

Important points

  • Each product differs in size and shape as they are handmade.
  • Each product is colored differently, we cannot produce the products with the same gradient or coloring.
  • Copper is comparatively soft metal. Please adjust the shape by yourself accordingly if you find it difficult to collect dust.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time 1~5 weeks if not in-stock.
Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan),
Express home delivery
Gifting Options (Only within Japan) Small message card


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