I’m gonne be born


This is a story until a baby was born.

It is specifically a tale of the childbirth, starting with the voice “Many stars twinkled in my mother’s womb” and ending at the birth.
The unborn baby is never passive though it is not widely known. Rather, there is a mechanism in which the baby actively strives to be born. The hormone which urges the labor pains is generated by the unborn baby to be sent to the mother through the umbilical cord. This book is a work written seriously but not stiffly about the child’s birth to be easy to understand.
This is a book in which it be recommended that not only women expecting a baby and children, but also interested men should read.

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Size 215"W × 215"H mm
Weight: 280g
Materials Paper
Others Total 44 pages
  • A round message card is attached to the cover.
    The entire book is designed in orange to red color like the womb of the mother.
  • Oh! A small new life has been born.

    The states in which small cells gradually grow bigger are described.
  • Buoyant at ease in the warm water.
    “I hear my mother’s gentle voice.”

    * The subtle changes of each character are felt through the umbilical cord. The auditory function is created after about 8 months.
  • It stretches and stretches …
    The pipe that connected the baby to the mother.

    * It is a picture book with many secret functions.

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