Little tree


Noticing the value when it is lost
You would realize how much it has meant to you only after you don’t see it any more.
As you turn the page of the pop-up tree, you will notice how the tree grows to get more leaves in accordance with the season. The different colors of the leaves change how the tree looks. When the tree ends up dying, people and animals that used to gather there come to realize that they have lost their place and how much it has meant to them.(Text: Japanese, French and English)

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Size 260"W × 210"H mm
Weight: 380g
Natation Japanese, French and English
Materials Paper
Others 28 pages
  • hen everything is white with snow, a tiny bud starts to come out.

  • Fall is here. The parent birds and their children look busy as the children get ready to leave their parents.

  • Each page has a pop-up tree. Pictured there are shade of trees nearby as well as shadows of people and animals.

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