There are things you can do though you may think you cannot do.

When I experience things I cannot do or I abhor, my heart always aches.
But how can I cope with them?
I left them unknown so far.

This is a story of encountering various events on trips and returning to your friends by flicking “chips (KAKERA)” off. Excitement and discovery. It is the book you receive courage from to launch into the outside world.(Text: Japanese and French)

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Size 155"W × 250"H mm
Weight: 145g
Notation Japanese and French
Materials Paper
Others Total 32 pages
  • A crow came near to me abruptly.
    I felt disgust with it.
    But I could not say a word out of fear.

    The “chips” were desperate. “Stop, for heaven’s sake!”
  • “Where have you been?” “Everybody was worried about you.”
    “Weren’t you afraid in this darkness?”
    By saying so, all the people present met me smilingly, however.

    The “chips” told the story to everybody …

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