Moonlight, creamer


The Moonlight set replicates calm, refreshing moonlight with its near-translucent blue-white ceramic. This uncompromising design looks just as fresh now as in the 1960’s, and overflows with its unique elegenance to transcend space, time, and Japanese versus Western styles.
This quiet creamer pot is a great size for ample cream and expands to get a little wider at the bottom. The thin lid that nicely lines the cup and the accentuated spout leave an impression. You can use it for dressing or sauces as well.

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Size Whole: 103"W × 85"D × 75"H mm
Capacity: 180 mL
Total Weight: 230 g
Materials Porcelain (bluish white porcelain)
  • Hold the creamer. Moonlight, creamer
  • Creamer spout It can be used not only as a creamer, but also as a dressing or sauce pot.
  • The inside of the creamer body and the back of the lid. The inside of the creamer body and the back of the lid.

    Body: 103"W × 85"D × 70"H mm
    Lid:83"diam × 10"H mm

Important points

  • The characteristics of the product can result in slight differences in size, shape (distortion), color, and glaze, etc. Small pinholes and/or black spots may also be visible.
  • Due to the nature of this product, "scratches" along the unglazed surface or "abrasions" from where the cup rested while being baked may be present.
  • If you already own a product in the same series, the color of the delivered product may differ from the one you have.

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