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Open it to the right and you will find card holders in both sides. Open it to the left and you will find a memo pad and a card holder. This is the YMSK Z-fold card holder.

When exchanging business cards, you would not want your memo pad to be visible, so open it to the right to quickly take out your business card.
When you open it to the left, you will find a card holder on the left and a memo pad on the right, with a hole in to hook your pen clip right in the middle.
Sewn in Japan from Buttero leather, famous worldwide for its high quality, this card holder with its simple design that makes the best use of its material quality will help you store your belongings compactly.

Card holder / yellow

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Card holder / brown

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Card holder / black

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Size Closed: 93"W × 115"H × 15"T mm
All open: 280"W × 115"H × 3"T mm
Weight: 95 g
Materials Leather
Others "YMSK A7 Memo" is included.

A7-memo: 75"W × 105"H × 6"T mm
* It is a size that can be used with other memo pads on the market.
  • YMSK card holder All 3 colors.

    Close: 93"W × 115"H mm
    All open: 280"W × 115"H mm
  • Tri-fold card holder A tri-fold card holder.
  • Card holder / brown This is what it looks like with all the card holders folded up.
  • Card holder / brown When opened to the right, both sides are business card holders.
  • Card holder / brown When opened to the left, the left is a business card holder and the right is a memo.
  • Card holder / brown There is a round hole in the middle to point to the mini pen.
  • Card holder / brown Insert the pen into the card holder.

YMSK card holder

Important points

  • There may be wrinkles, stains, or scratches on the leather, this is characteristic of natural leather.
  • This product is handmade by artisans. In the case that the stock is unavailable, it may take some time for it to arrive.
  • Changes in color may happen during usage (especially for the yellow variant) due to the natural material used. The change in color may be more severe in places with direct sunlight.
  • The memo pad's size is the same as the other memo pads on the market, however, the A7 memo is a special design with two sheets of the mat.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time 1~2 weeks if not in-stock.
Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan),
Express home delivery
Gifting Options (Only within Japan) Gift-Wrapping,
Small message card,
Noshi (Japanese gift wrapping ribbon paper)


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