Triangle clip (25 pieces)


At first glance, it may seem a bit strange. But it’s called “Triangle Clip.”
The clip is useful for quickly collecting documents, receipts, etc., and we are all very familiar with it. But a common clip is no longer useful when the number of sheets increases. In such cases, we usually use a “double clip” which can hold them tightly, but this time the unnecessary thickness and storage imbalance are our concern. But don’t give up and think the clip is like that. This clip solves such inconvenience.
The shape of the clip has been redesigned to integrate a spring-loaded mechanism known as a torsion bar, which can hold up to 50 sheets of copier paper. And it is a revolutionary small clip that doesn’t warp when you pull it out of the paper.

If you don’t usually collect documents, why not use it as a bookmark for your notebooks or paperbacks? Even if you use it as a sticky note, it won’t come out like a sheet of paper and is optically clear. Use it in different situations without framing it as office supplies just because it’s a clip.

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Size / per piece 20"W × 25"H mm
Weight: 0.5 g
Materials Stainless Steel Spring Wire
Others 25 pieces
  • Triangle clip (25 pieces) Triangle Clips (25 pieces)
  • Triangle clip (25 pieces) Clip seen from above. The long side of the isosceles triangle is about 26 mm. One side of the equilateral triangle is about 20 mm.
  • Triangle clip (25 pieces) A “gem clip” (a common clip) cannot hold a thick object. However, the “double clip” (picture in left) is too bulky when stacked. The “Triangle Clip” solves the problem. This is perhaps the most advanced form of clip...

Triangle clip (25 pieces)

Important points

  • Designed to hold up to 50 sheets of copier paper.
  • Do not give to infants because there is a risk of accidental ingestion.

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