Wax Paper BookCover / brown


A set of 3 sheets of book cover made of wax paper (with attached bookmark).
The vertical fold lines make the folding creases difficult to notice no matter how many times you use it, allowing you to reuse it for various book sizes. The wax paper material does not attract moisture and dirt, making it more durable than a normal book cover.

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Size Size of the sheet unfolded :
390"W × 260"H mm

Weight per sheet: 10 g
Materials Paper
Others 1 set of 3 sheets
  • Wax Paper BookCover / brown 1 set of 3 sheets

    The paper is folded. (Left):
    390"W × 260"H mm
    The paper is unfolded (Right):
    203"W × 260"H mm
  • Wax Paper BookCover You can use this book cover with various book sizes by changing the folding position.
    Reusing it for various book sizes will add more folding lines, creating a deep look.
  • Wax Paper BookCover There is a cutout at the edge of the cover to attach the included bookmark.

Wax Paper BookCover

Important points

  • Wax paper is a piece of paper processed by applying wax on the surface.
    Wax has low melting point, it may start to melt and become sticky at 50-60℃. It will pose no issue in normal temperature, however, please avoid direct sunlight, fire, and leaving it in a closed car for long periods of time.
  • As it is a paper product, be careful not to get wet.

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