tsubame-RATTAN Mug / white


Tsubame mugs wrapped in rattan.

These mugs are part of the tsubame rattan series. Their straightforward shape and softness of their natural, rattan-wrapped handles accentuate the organic charm of their enamel base. When using a mug you no doubt want to drink alot – these mugs are perfect for this as they are lightweight and great to the touch. The tsubame dripper (in the same series) can be used with these mugs without issue.

Our tsubame series, made in Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture, is made of enamel with a rare stainless steel undercoat. Generally, when enamel products are made with an iron undercoat, an anti-rust material is applied to the iron. This can then attach itself to the paint, which thickens, and the base coat’s color can easily become visible at the edges of the product.
However, as stainless steel does not rust, there’s no need to add the anti-rust undercoat, so the paint is applied uniformly and thinly, creating a thin, light, and beautiful finish. As enamel products throughout the world are rarely made with a stainless steel undercoat, this product is made with the soul of the individual craftsman who completed it.


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Size / M 102"W × 76"D × 75"H mm
Capacity: 300 mL
Weight: 125 g
Size / L 115"W × 82"D × 88"H mm
Capacity: 400 mL
Weight: 180 g
Materials Stainless steel , rattan
Surface finishing Enamel
  • From left to right: M, L

    Their base is made with stainless steel; a rare occurrence in enamel products.
    These products are thin and light thanks them not being made with anti-rust materials; they have been lightly spray painted for protection instead.
  • M
  • L
  • The tsubame logo at the bottom
  • Other items in the Tsubame Rattan & White series.
    The tsubame dripper (in the same series) can be used with both sizes of this mug.

IMAGE: tsubame-RATTAN Mug, large / white

Important points

  • Because the products are individually painted (with enamel) by the craftsmen, the finishing coat may differ from product to product.
  • The handle of this item is hooked and painted; some have a thinner/rougher coating than others. There may also be slight differences in color.
  • The enamel surface is made of glass. There is a risk of this glass breaking with a strong impact.
  • After use, please wash the product using just water or with dish detergent. As the surface can scratch easily, do not use scrubbers or cleansers for metal products.
  • Please note that rattan is a natural material and therefore not all items are identical in terms of color and appearance.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

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Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan),
Express home delivery
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