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Copper texture and sharpness

The concept of the copper series scissors is that you can “see, touch, and use” with your own hands. The antique texture of the copper gives a great accent in your room. The texture changes as you use it. The scissors are not only beautiful but also sharp and cut well.

The scissors come with a special “ura-suki” (concave back) feature which is a concave of a knife usually found in sewing scissors. Thanks to the ura-suki, the sharpness of the scissors is fantastic. The blades are hand sharpened like the “iron series” and they have improved sharpness while retaining the copper texture. These are made for the office but were originally manufactured for professional purposes. These can also be used for cutting clothes.


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Size / Small 158"L × 65"W mm
Weight: 60g
Size / Large 185"L × 65"W mm
Weight: 80g
Materials Steel
Surface finishing Copper plating
Others Boxed
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  • Size / Small
  • Size / Large
  • Size / Small

    Hand sharpened, rich blade. 2mm thick. The flat handle is approximately 5mm and easy to grip.
    Right under the screw, you will find the engraved "TAjiKA JAPAN" logo.
  • Size / Large

    The blade is made with copper with bronze coating on the surface as bronze is not durable enough for scissors. There is no coating where two blades touch. When you hold the scissors in your hands you will notice that the touch is softer than steel ones.
  • TAjiKA House Scissors

Important points

  • Size slightly varies depending on the item.
  • Blades are oiled to prevent rusting upon shipping. Wipe with a dry cloth before using.
  • The clippers are adjusted to work smoothly upon shipping. If they stop functioning smoothly, apply a small amount of oil under the screw. If it doesn't improve, please consult our product support department.
  • Do not use on hard materials as it may cause damages on the blades and the handles. Dropping the scissors may also cause dysfunctionality. Please handle them with care.
  • You may get stains when you use the scissors for a long time. This can easily be washed off with water.
  • Copper series is more rust-resistant than regular scissors. However, some parts of the blades are not covered with bronze (the part where two blades touch and some parts on the back of the blades). It may cause rusting if you touch those parts or keep them wet. Please keep them dry when storing.
  • All TAjiKA products are repairable. Please consult us for any repairs.
    * Please note that the cost and time for repair vary depending on the condition of the item. In case sharpening is needed, it may be required to remove the bronze coating. We can repair without harming the texture of the surface in most cases.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time We ship the item accordingly when it is in stock.
Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan),
Express home delivery
Gifting Options (Only in Japan) Gift-Wrapping,
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