TAjiKA iron, Herb shears


For gardening and sewing

Iron series scissors are beautifully hand made and designed antique-like. They are also easy to use and handle. They are ideal for sewing, gardening and other various purposes.
They are all hand-sharpened at Tajika Haruo scissor factory. Since they are sharpened by hand, they have the sharpness that usual sewing scissors don't have. They are made with antique molds and each scissors have different appearances.

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Size 118"L × 30"W mm
Weight: 15g
Materials Steel
Surface finishing Kurouchi quench
Others Boxed
  • Size comparison in a hand.
  • The texture of the knife is created by sharpening by hand. The stick part might be slightly crooked as it is hand-made.
  • Suggested use
  • Each iron series product is named after for its purpose. You can also use it for sewing as it is also designed to cut clothes and threads.
  • TAjiKA Garden Clippers

Important points

  • Size slightly varies depending on the item.
  • Blades are oiled to prevent rusting upon shipping. Wipe with a dry cloth before using.
  • The blades and the handles are made thin so do not use on hard materials as it may cause damages on the blades and the handles. Dropping the scissors may also cause dysfunctionality. Please handle them with care.
  • Please pat dry the blades after each use. They are rust resistant but have no coating.
  • All TAjiKA products are repairable. Please consult us for any repairs.
    *Please note that the cost and time for repair vary depending on the condition on the items and situations. Repairing on the blades might change the appearance slightly.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

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Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan),
Express home delivery
Gifting Options (Only in Japan) Gift-Wrapping,
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