METO, Wide – Plain body


Detailed designed bag with a thought

This “METO, Wide” designed to carry on a bike.
The design of the shoulder strap, the leather tab, and the brass bullets are all original. The details are carefully designed by Raregem’s studio.

METO, Wide / Plain – Brown

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METO, Wide / Plain – Black

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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Size 420"W × 260"H × 160"D mm
Weight: 560 g

Strap: 770~870"L mm
Materials #4 Kurashiki canvas, Cow Leather (houlder strap, snap), Brass (buckle, bullet)
  • METO, Wide / Plain – Brown #4 Kurashiki canvas is used for the bag. There is a leather snap on top of the bag. Next to it, there is a shoulder strap attached. Simply designed.
  • METO, Wide - Plain body A leather snap on top of the bag.
    Simply insert the brass bullet through the leather tab hole.
  • METO, Wide / Plain – Brown There are two pockets inside the bag.
    The width of the pocket is 135 mm without gusset and 105 mm with gusset.
  • METO, Wide - Plain body Shoulder strap is made of "Cow Leather Vegetable Tanning". The buckle is brass. You can enjoy how both materials age gradually as you use.

    You can adjust the length of the strap. Since this was designed to be used on a bike, the length of the strap is shorter than regular straps.

METO, Wide / Plain – Brown

Important points

  • The leather may have crease, stain, or scratch. Please understand this is the nature of the material.
  • Since this is a canvas, neps (fibres popping out on the surface) or color unevenness can be present.
  • Remove taints as soon as possible with a dry cloth or a brush.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time 1.5~2.5 months if not in-stock.
Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan),
Express home delivery
Gifting Options (Only in Japan) Small message card


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