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Rikucho Ogasawara designed mini pan with a cute form like that of a ladle.
The small size mini pan really is small making it just right for cooking a perfectly round fried egg. The large size is popular among beginners. With a convenient lid included (large size only), go ahead and choose the right one for you. The small eastern ironware frypan naturally supplies iron and brings out the real flavor of the ingredients. Notable points are the light weight which makes it able to be used in a toaster oven, and the design which makes it right at home being laid out on a dining table as is.

The iron material gives it a universal and ageless charm, and with proper care can be used long-term.
Crafted expertly in the hands of an artisan makes for slight differences in each one and gives a warmth that can only be achieved through hand-made work. Practicality combined with beauty and utility returns to the earth after a long life. Ironware that is easy on both your body and the environment, to be used in your everyday life.


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Small Whole: 230"L × 110"W (110"diam) × 40"H mm
Weight: 350 g

Pan section: 110"diam × 25"H(20"deep)mm
Pan back: 80"diam mm
Large Whole: 230"L × 145"W (145"diam) × 50"H mm
Weight: 630 g

Pan section: 145"diam × 30"H(25"deep)mm
Pan back: 110"diam mm
Lid 145"diam × 42"H (knob 25) mm
Weight: 420 g
Materials cast iron
Others Pot stand included
Range of Use IH , Gas cooktop , Oven

*If using on a IH cooker (Induction Cooker), please note that the cooker may not always acknowledge pans with a smaller rear diameter or uneven surface. We would recommend referring to the instruction manual provided with your IH cooker or manufacturer before purchase as supported sizes differ depending on the make of the cooker.
  • The small mini pan is suitable for frying eggs or sausages easily in a toaster oven.
  • The large mini pan is convenient for making à la carte dishes perfect for the lunch box. Also great for making a single serve gratin in the oven. Using it as is to eat at the table makes it feel a little like a restaurant.

    The large mini pan with lid is convenient for steaming and frying. Although small, it expands the possibilities when cooking.
  • The back of the lid, and back of the large mini pan.
    The back of both the small and large is flat.
    The diameter of the back side of the large size is 110mm.
    The diameter of the back side of the small size is 80mm.

    * At present, a marking of "Rikucho" is on the back of the large mini pan.

Before use
First, lightly wash the frying pan with water and dry. Then, place the frying pan on a heat sauce and heat with a generous amount of vegetable oil. It should be hot enough that smoke is emitted (around 10 minutes on medium heat). Doing this forms a film of oil on the surface of the frying pan which helps to prevent scorching and rust.
Once this step is done, fry some vegetable scraps together; such as green onions and ginger. Similarly, if using the frying pan for simmering dishes rather than frying, please simmer some vegetable scraps before use. This step helps to suppress any iron-like odors being emitted.
Once done, remove all vegetable scraps and wash the frying pan without using washing detergent if possible. The frying pan is now ready for use.

How to use
Ensure to wait until the ironware is hot enough before adding any ingredients. It is hard for ingredients to scorch on ironware; they are heated quickly which in turn enhances their delicious flavors.
Please note that ironware sometimes reacts with a chemical compound (tannin) found in some ingredients; such as tea and vegetables. While this may alter the color of the dish itself, rest assured it is completely safe to eat.

After use
Please refrain from leaving food in the frying pan over long periods of time as this can cause rust. This is especially important for dishes that contain a lot of moisture or are sour in taste.
Please use as little washing detergent on the frying pan as possible. Instead, please use a sponge or scourer to remove any dirt. Once washed, please dry with a cloth and place over heat for a short time to thoroughly dry it. (Do not leave it under heat for a long time.)While it is a good idea to use a small amount of oil when first using the frying pan, please note that oil is not always necessary as the frying pan becomes familiar with it.

Important points

  • Each product differs in size and shape as they are handmade.
  • Due to the manufacturing process, there may be small bumps or holes. However, each item has passed the manufacturer and our inspection standard and will not cause issues during usage. Please refrain from returning the product for such reasons.
  • Since the finish and quality standards of products vary depending on the manufacturer, the appearance of casting surface also varies.
  • The blackening may come off during delivery.
  • Don’t hold the handle with barehand during or right after cooking because the handle is also heated up.
  • There is no lid for the small mini pan.

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time 4~7 weeks if not in-stock.
Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan),
Express home delivery,
Gifting Options (Only in Japan) Gift-Wrapping,
Small message card,
Noshi (Japanese gift wrapping ribbon paper)


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