Great for enhancing fragrance as you drink

This thin, handmade glass was created upon hearing the question; “What kind of glass perfectly accentuates the Japanese taste?”
People in Japan were not originally too familiar with wine glasses that had stems. It also isn’t common Japanese culture to smell the drink before consuming.
Instead, Japanese people tend to enjoy the fragrance of the drink once in their mouth. This glass, with its wide mouth, is perfect for the Japanese style of enjoying taste and smell.

With 2 sizes, the large size was primarily made for wine, and the medium size primarily made for cold tea. This said, wine lovers have proclaimed that the medium size was perfect for wine. Both sizes are great for wines, cold sake, fruit wines, cold tea, and water. What’s more – they can even be stored stacked.


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Manuf,Brands: Kimura glass Categories:


Size / M 75"diam × 67"H mm
Capacity: 155ml
Weight: 35g
Size / L 95"diam × 85"H mm
Capacity: 330mL
Weight: 70g
Materials Lead-free crystal
  • 2 sizes (medium & large). Easy-to-handle and ideal for wine, cold liquor, fruit wine, cold tea, water, etc.
  • The large size is great for wine.
    It’s wider mouth perfectly enhances the taste of wine.
  • The medium size is great for cold tea.
    Also ideal for small glasses of drink such as wine.
  • The glass thickness is approx. 1mm.

    Valium crystal is used for the glass.
    It is an unleaded crystal that does not contain lead. Because it has a slightly higher hardness than leaded crystal, it does not scratch nor break as easily.
  • Unusual for handmade glasses, these can be conveniently stored stacked.

Important points

  • As each item is handmade by the artisan, there may be slight variations in size and shape.
  • 製造工程上、製品に気泡が入っている場合や表面に擦れ跡がある場合もあります。

Regarding Delivery / Gifting

Delivery Time 4~5 months if not in-stock.
Delivery Type International shipping (outside Japan),
Express home delivery
Gifting Options (Only in Japan) Gift-Wrapping,
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